The Goldilocks question: How much economic growth is just right?


Interview with Richard Aedy, ABC Radio National (RN)

Global economic growth is slowing, with the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development now forecasting the world economy will expand by three percent in 2016 – the slowest pace in five years.

But how much growth is optimal?

Some economists say we need global growth of around seven percent to continue to raise living standards and address world poverty, while others argue for zero growth to preserve the planet’s finite resources.

Is there an ideal growth figure to balance these competing demands?

Dr Samuel Alexander – Research Fellow, Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute, University of Melbourne

Amy Auster – Executive Director, Australian Centre for Financial Studies

Richard Holden – Professor of Economics, University of New South Wales

Dr Steve Hatfield-Dodds – Chief Research Leader, Integration Science And Public Policy, CSIRO

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