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Cluster Project 11: CSIRO Multi-disciplinary Research Project
Principal Researcher: Dr Zili Zhu (CSIRO)
Research Team: Andrew Reeson (CSIRO); Pavel Shevchenko (CSIRO); Peter Toscas (CSIRO); Claire Mason (CSIRO); Colin O’Hare (Monash University); Thomas Sneddon (CSIRO); Geoffrey Lee (CSIRO); Xiaolin Luo (CSIRO); Chenming Bao; Alec Stephenson (CSIRO); Nicolas Langrené (CSIRO); Simon Fung (CSIRO),

Project Overview: This multi-disciplinary project focuses on the decumulation phase of superannuation: essentially what individuals are currently doing with their funds in retirement. With access to some very large databases the team will use a multi-factor Wilkie cascade model to explore the probability of ‘ruin’ before death given various retirement fund balances and withdrawal patterns. The research will then examine optimal salary contributions to superannuation to reduce their probability of ruin and develop an optimum fund investment strategy help further reduce their probability of ruin. This Cluster Project will then move to the design, development and recommendations of new retirement income products in the Australian context. The project is structured into five themes: Government Data Analysis, Retirement Income Forecasting, Retirement Investment Life-Cycle, Retirement Product Design and Digital Lifestyles for Retirement (this project is at the planning stage).

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