MySuper Dashboards: Not so Super!


In this ACFS Financial Policy Brief, Professor Kevin Davis examines the target return and risk level information provided on the required “dashboards” of MySuper providers. It is startling that, across providers, there is no positive relationship between target return and projected risk level as basic finance theory would predict. There are a number of possible explanations for such an outcome, although they do not give comfort that the dashboard information provided is reliable. APRA should, if it is not already doing so, be investigating the apparent anomalies across MySuper providers in their target return and projected risk figures.

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This FPB was prepared by Professor Kevin Davis, Research Director at the Australian Centre for Financial Studies.

The ACFS Financial Policy Brief series provides independent analysis and commentary on current issues in financial regulation, with the objective of promoting constructive dialogue among academics, industry practitioners, policymakers and regulators and contributing to excellence in Australian financial system regulation.

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