Is Your Advice Process Future-Proof?


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Clients, regulators and politicians ask us to really understand our clients, their wants, their needs and meet these through precise, insightful advice. What’s more, we are asked to do this quickly and on the basis of a few meetings. Some would say, it’s mission impossible. But not, Professor Shachar Kariv, Chair of the Economics at Berkeley and Chief Scientist at Silicon Valley decision science firm, Capital Preferences.

He leads the room in an exploration of how science, game theory and pervasive digital access can be combined to recover a client’s true preferences from their decisions. Referencing his recent publications in the American Economic Review, Science, the Journal of Quantitative Economics, Shachar will share lessons from his field work with future Presidents, Silicon Valley firms, the World Bank, the Armed Forces and even the LA Dodgers. Dr. Kariv will demonstrate why he believes, the future of advice will follow that of medicine and prove that if we examine our “patients” with the most robust science available, we will reach deeper levels of client understanding.

About the Speaker:

Shachar Kariv, Chief Scientist of Capital Preferences, was educated at Tel-Aviv University and New York University, where he received his PhD in 2003, the same year he joined Berkeley’s economics department. Professor Kariv is the Faculty Director of UC Berkeley Experimental Social Science Laboratory (Xlab), a laboratory for conducting experiment-based investigations of issues of interest to social sciences. He is the recipient of the UC Berkeley Division of Social Sciences Distinguished Teaching Award (2008) and the Graduate Economics Association Outstanding Advising Award (2006).


This event was supported by Capital Position Ventures

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