Exploring Home Equity Release Options for Retirees: Opportunities for Optimising Retirement Income

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Managing longevity risk, the risk of outliving retirement savings, presents an unprecedented challenge for households, welfare agencies and governments. It has arisen from the culmination of:

  • An aging population
  • Shortfalls in retirement savings
  • Lack of household interest in retirement saving plans
  • Older people wanting to age in their own home
  • Potential inclusion of housing in the means test for the Aged Pension

This challenge is current and will characterise future generations. Reverse Mortgages , may in part, represent a viable means of managing longevity risk.
The research primarily focuses on presenting an overview of the Australian Reverse Mortgage Market, the findings of which will provide a deeper understanding of the Reverse Mortgage Market for households, the financial sector, businesses and policy makers.

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This research was undertaken as part of the ACFS Commissioned Paper Series.

The presentation was delivered to the ACFS Funds Management and Superannuation Research Reference Group.