The Trust Project

About the Project

The Australian Centre for Financial Studies in partnership with Monash Law School in association with academic, regulatory and practitioner collaborators in Sydney and Brisbane, are embarking on an integrated program of research on how to rebuild trust in our institutions. The program derives from the calamitous collapse of trust signalled by the Edelman Trust Barometer across the liberal world.
Nowhere is this more apparent than in the finance sector in the aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis. The problems extend, however, far beyond finance. Similar concerns about what constitutes social obligation are evident in the resources sector and nascent within the digital economy. These are also industries similarly global in scope, increasingly unanchored from the societies in which they operate, and capable of generating externalities that threaten social cohesion.
The Trust Project explores the changing nature of these risks. It investigates the capacity of business, government, media and civil society to address the rise of particularised trust and evaluates the impact on corporate, legal and regulatory dynamics.

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Steering Committee

  • Prof Simon Bronitt, University of Queensland
  • Prof Stuart Cunningham,¬†Queensland University of Technology
  • Prof Sarah Derrington, University of Queensland
  • Prof Douglas Guilfoyle, Monash University
  • Prof Pamela Hanrahan, University of New South Wales
  • Prof Gary Magee, Monash Business School

Professor Justin O'Brien

Project Leader, The Trust Project