Have you ever complained about lack of availability of Australian financial/economic data for research? The Productivity Commission Inquiry into Data Availability and Use  provides an opportunity for we academics to register concerns and provide suggestions for improvement.


Comment below (or email us directly) and provide your suggestions (as brief or detailed as you wish) for the Australian Centre for Financial Studies to incorporate into a submission to the Inquiry.

We’ll include names of contributors in an appendix unless you don’t want to be acknowledged – which may be useful for end of year performance appraisals to show public involvement etc.

Some obvious areas to provide thought-starters:

(1) Lack of detail on banks, ADIs from APRA compared to, eg USA, Call Report data
(2) Lack of equivalent of USA SEC Edgar facility for company data
(3) ASIC Business Register data – cost/lack of access
(4) Lack of ownership information for, eg, corporate governance studies because of use of nominee companies on share registry data.

Your contributions (particularly outlining societal benefits related to particular data) would be much appreciated.