ACFS has completed its transition to become a centre at Monash Business School as of January 2016.

This change recognises the existing ties between ACFS and Monash University, and enables increased investment to support an exciting new phase of growth and outreach for the Centre. We wish to express our acknowledgement and deep gratitude to Chairman Jeremy Duffield and to Dean Colm Kearney for their leadership throughout this period of change, and welcome Maria Wilton, Managing Director of Franklin Templeton, as the Chair of our new Advisory Board. Appointments to the Advisory Board will be announced in due course.

ACFS was inaugurated in 2005 under the auspices of the Victorian Government and in partnership with Monash University, RMIT and the University of Melbourne. Finsia has been an important, longstanding partner for ACFS as well as Victoria University and Griffith University as associated universities. Since its founding, ACFS has developed a reputation across government, industry and academia as an important hub for research and knowledge-sharing in finance and financial services. ACFS is known for its independent voice, underpinned by rigorous, evidenced-based translational and applied research. Since its inception, ACFS has conducted more than 250 events; dispensed nearly $2.0 million in academic grants; published dozens of papers and commissioned research; and consistently acted as a hub for collaboration across academia, government and industry.

The vision and mission of ACFS remains: to be recognised as a leading research centre in finance and financial services, in support of the essential role of finance in sustaining growth and building prosperity across Australia, and the Asia Pacific region. Our role as an independent centre, able to work with talented professionals and academics from across Australia and the region, is paramount to this vision. We thank our partners and stakeholders for your ongoing support, and look forward to the exciting period of work ahead.

Media contact:
Amy Auster,
Executive Director, Australian Centre for Financial Studies
0412 121 093
03 9666 1018

The Australian Centre for Financial Studies (ACFS) facilitates industry-relevant, rigorous research and independent commentary. Drawing on expertise from academia, industry and government, ACFS promotes thought leadership in the financial sector.

As specialists in leading edge finance and investment research, ACFS aims to boost the global credentials of Australia’s finance industry, bridging the gap between research and industry, and supporting Australia as an international centre for finance practice, research and education.