The Australian Centre for Financial Studies (hosting body of the Melbourne Financial Services Symposium (MFSS), announces three finalists, for the 2012 MFSS Award for Victorian Innovation in Funds Management.

The Victorian Innovation in Funds Management Award recognises a Victorian based, owned, and operated Fund Manager that has established successful business operations in Victoria and can demonstrate innovation in their investment strategies and business operations. The Award is sponsored by the Victorian Government with a view to showcasing Melbourne’s innovative and dynamic funds management sector, an important sector of Victoria’s financial services market.

The award, which will be announced at the 2012 Melbourne Financial Services Symposium Gala Dinner on 1st March, aims to encourage innovation and highlight the strength of Victoria’s world-class funds management cluster.

In announcing the finalists Professor Deborah Ralston, Executive Director, Australian Centre for Financial Studies remarked that it is clear from the quality of submissions that innovation is very much alive in the Victorian funds management industry. In this difficult post-GFC investment environment, each of these funds has shown innovation in their investment strategies to contain risk and deliver quality outcomes for investors.

Prof Ralston noted that each applicant for the Innovation in Funds Management Award was assessed on the degree to which they have innovated with their Business Model, Investment Processes, Investment Products, development of new Skills, addressing of Risk, and the support they have provided for Innovative Activities in the Broader Community.

Finalists for the MFSS 2012 Victorian Innovation in Funds Management Award are:

  • River Capital;
  • SG Hiscock & Company; and
  • Wingate Asset Management.

Previous winners include La Trobe Financial Services in 2011, Intrinsic Investment Management in 2010, SG Hiscock and Company in 2009 and Warakirri Asset Management in 2008.

Profile of Finalists:

River Capital

Since its establishment by Barry Carp and the Castan family in 1996, River Capital has grown from a small team managing the investments of a small number of family related investors, to a highly regarded investment manager servicing the needs of more than 200 private investors and family offices.

River Capital has been nominated as a finalist for the award based on their River Capital Credit Fund. River Capital has shown innovation in its dealings in OTC fixed interest securities issued by domestic and global institutions, in its transparency and contact with clients, and in its implementation of foreign exchange and interest rate hedging strategies which are designed to preserve capital and to provide a consistent income stream for investors.

SG Hiscock & Company

SG Hiscock & Company (SGH) is a boutique investment manager, established in August 2001 and is 100% owned by its staff. SGH has won Property Securities Fund Manager of the year three times, the Rising Star award, Small Companies Fund Manager of the Year, and is a previous winner of the VIFM Award.

SG Hiscock & Company has been nominated as a finalist based on their SGH ICE Fund. The fund has displayed innovation in investment processes by limiting its investment universe solely to ASX listed securities with franchises. This has resulted in strong, consistent results. SGH has also been commended for its 100% staff owned organizational structure.

Wingate Asset Management

Wingate Asset Management is a specialist international equity manager established in 2005. Wingate Asset Management is the only Australian based investment manager seeking to generate consistent returns with lower risk by using options as a means to implement investment decisions.

Wingate Asset Management has been nominated as a finalist based on their Wingate Global Equity Fund. The fund has been commended on its long-term approach to risk management and displayed innovation in investment execution through the use of un-leveraged put options.

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The Melbourne Financial Services Symposium (MFSS) for over 14 years has brought together global and local industry leaders and experts to engage with funds management and superannuation professionals across industry, government and academe. The Symposium also plays host to 2 Industry Awards namely – The Victorian Innovation in Funds Management Award and the VFMC Investment Stewardship Award.

The MFSS is hosted by ACFS on behalf of the Victorian financial services community. The Symposium together with the Gala Dinner is considered the premier annual event for the Funds Management industry in Melbourne.

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