The Future of Financial Regulation (Melb)

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Date(s) - 10/09/09
12:00am - 1:00pm


Trilogy, Park Hyatt Hotel
1 Parliament Square

The Future of Financial Regulation

The Global Financial Crisis has led to dramatic regulatory interventions in financial sectors around the globe, and identified many areas in which financial regulation has proved to be inadequate and in need of change. The governance and risk management practices within financial institutions, protection of retail consumers of financial services, need for macro-prudential regulation, dealing with systemically important institutions, the boundaries of prudential regulation, and the structure of regulatory agencies are among the important questions being addressed internationally and locally.

In this Forum, Professor Guay Lim will discuss competition and financial stress in the Australian banking sector pre- and post-crisis. How to achieve an appropriate level and style of financial regulation compatible with an efficient dynamic financial sector, and determining the optimal path for the windingback of crisis-induced regulatory interventions are among the key challenges addressed by Mr John O’Shaughnessy and Professor Kevin Davis.


  • Mr John O’Shaughnessy, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Investment and Financial Services Association (IFSA)
  • Professor Kevin Davis, The University of Melbourne and Director, Melbourne Centre for Financial Studies
  • Professor Guay Lim, Professorial Research Fellow, Melbourne Institute, The University of Melbourne